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Dr. Alan Weissenbacher

The Brain Change Program

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Set foot on a radical journey of self-discovery as you learn six steps to renew your mind

and transform your life.

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Dr. Kevin Leman

International Known Psychologist and NY Times Best Selling Author

Transform to a hopeful, energized “normal” by hardwiring your brain to work positively for you, rather than against you. Weissenbacher’s innovative steps―backed by neuroscience and real-life application―bypass emotional roadblocks, triggers for destructive thoughts and actions, and pave the path toward freedom, joy, and lasting change.



Dr. Alan Weissenbacher served many years as a chaplain at the Denver Rescue Mission, where he helped homeless addicts by removing them from an urban setting, empowering them to operate a farm, and  providing them counseling, spiritual care, and job training. His work with these clients inspires his research into neuroscience, spiritual formation, and methods of improving spiritual lives, religious care, and addiction recovery.

He is the author of The Brain Change Program and has published chapters in books on the subjects of science, religion, and ethics with Vernon Press and ATF Press. He has also published a chapter on neuroscience and the human person in the second edition of the textbook Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction, as well as articles in the academic journals Dialog, Theology and Science, Wesleyan Theological Journal, and Zygon.


Alan currently works as a stay-at-home dad to two young boys while he writes, guest lectures, and consults.  He enjoys hiking adventures with his kids and baking cool theme cakes for them (the fire-breathing dragon one is their favorite to date.)

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May 23 -- 6:30am Pacific

Tommy Briggs

June 5 -- 6am Pacific

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Dr. Alan enjoys speaking at various churches, organizations, and team building forums regarding the brain and improving one’s spiritual life. Complete the form below to inquire about his availability for your next event.

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